Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Home food Photography # 2 Gila Property ( Crazy about property)

This is the hardest event yet exciting for me.

Hard because i need to take the properties out from the cupboard, one by one, and i didn't take those pictures in one day, i took them whenever i have spare time, i also didn't take a picture of all my property of course, because its just too many... and scared that my daughter will destroy them (she usually watch me when i took the pictures).

At least i finished now before the due date, hehe.. Host of this event is Dita on Yummy!!, she actually have # 1 event that i missed. Well I'm sure there will be many event coming soon, now that i can take a bit nice pictures, i will always try to participate those upcoming event, "be brave Ti !!", said one of my friend.

I hope my pictures did not disappointing, peace...!!


sefa firdaus said...

Ti... bagus kok dear fotonya, pokoknya mah harus rajin mencet shutter :)

eh itu mangkok yg warna-warni ditengah atas, aku juga punya loh, tapi belum sempet aku pake *tosssss*

Ti said...

Sefa: Thanks ya .Kadang ngak banyak waktu untuk berlama2 ngeset Mba, di tongkrongin anakku, kalo kelamaan diamukin, dia minta ajak main, hihihi
Toss juga ah.

Elsye said...

titiii...prop nya banyak juga ya bow..:D..seneng deh ngeliatnya...:D

Ti said...

Elsye: itu ngak seberapa Mba, di lemari masih banyak lagi, hihi... cuape dech kalo ngeluarin semua :)

Yuli P. Digdo said...

wahhhh .. cantik2 prop-nya ... :). yg putih2 itu gw naksir ti ... :). photonya juga dah oke kalok ngakunya masih beginner :D.