Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bolu Gulung (Roll Cake)

This winter has been sooo cold... I did my flu shot but seems like doesn't help much as I got sore throat and flu twice already!

When the day so cold and gloomy, I just stay at home with my daughter this school holiday, baking cakes or cookies, making organic juice or smoothies or just snugling together :) oh and spending some time in my sewing room making things for sale or for my darling girl :)

This roll cake was very yummy and I've been craving for a while.. I know this will make me fat haha. They high in colesterol as I put 6 eggs in it.

I need to payback when the school holiday finish (my excuse), been so lazy with my exercise..

Anyway I will start my school as well and that will include some exercise haha...

For now enjoy this picture and have a great weekend guys...