Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ombre/ Rainbow Cake

Hb Heloo all... It is summer here in Australia, but Mr Weather sometimes still got confused, we are still using our heater at night :)

I have to push my self to update my blog before it gets rusty haha... I've been busy studying Fitness, half way to become Personal Trainer :) apart from that I also been working out almost everyday to get my self strong haha...

Anyway we weren't planning to have any birthday party for my daughter this year as she has a big one last year, but luck was on her side, because fortunately I won some party package hamper on the silent auction held in her school, so I decided to make a little celebration with her classmates in the park.I have been praying that the weather is going to be nice on that day because it has been rainy nearly all week, and guess what? we did got a nice weather after all :).

The kids was surprised to see the rainbow cake and they are getting full because we had our cupcakes as well. I can see some of them only eats the icing sugar..

It took me a few hours just to bake the rainbow cake because I have to bake them separately and I only had 2 round tin, so I made the batter twice and bake 2 different colour cakes at the same time.

We had Cheeses and dips (with the crackers and cucumber, carrot) marshmallow, watermelon,grapes, lollies, chips, fairy bread, pretzel, juice & soft drink, popcorn, shapes and cheese rings (I forgot the name!)

Back to the cake, I was so tempted to make a rainbow cake for a while so here is my rainbow cake with simple decoration and cute owl. I think towards the end of the year I tend to make a couple of cakes because of our birthdays :).

Overall it was awesome party, great friends, good weather!! Thanks to my friends that helps me cleaning up after party as well :) XO

Enjoy your day and my pictures...

table setting

Owl ombre/rainbow cake

Some Cupcakes too :)

Table setting

a bit messy because i didn't cut it properley :(

My happy girl

with friends 

Happy 6th birthday my darling, you growing so fast!!