Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ombre/ Rainbow Cake

Hb Heloo all... It is summer here in Australia, but Mr Weather sometimes still got confused, we are still using our heater at night :)

I have to push my self to update my blog before it gets rusty haha... I've been busy studying Fitness, half way to become Personal Trainer :) apart from that I also been working out almost everyday to get my self strong haha...

Anyway we weren't planning to have any birthday party for my daughter this year as she has a big one last year, but luck was on her side, because fortunately I won some party package hamper on the silent auction held in her school, so I decided to make a little celebration with her classmates in the park.I have been praying that the weather is going to be nice on that day because it has been rainy nearly all week, and guess what? we did got a nice weather after all :).

The kids was surprised to see the rainbow cake and they are getting full because we had our cupcakes as well. I can see some of them only eats the icing sugar..

It took me a few hours just to bake the rainbow cake because I have to bake them separately and I only had 2 round tin, so I made the batter twice and bake 2 different colour cakes at the same time.

We had Cheeses and dips (with the crackers and cucumber, carrot) marshmallow, watermelon,grapes, lollies, chips, fairy bread, pretzel, juice & soft drink, popcorn, shapes and cheese rings (I forgot the name!)

Back to the cake, I was so tempted to make a rainbow cake for a while so here is my rainbow cake with simple decoration and cute owl. I think towards the end of the year I tend to make a couple of cakes because of our birthdays :).

Overall it was awesome party, great friends, good weather!! Thanks to my friends that helps me cleaning up after party as well :) XO

Enjoy your day and my pictures...

table setting

Owl ombre/rainbow cake

Some Cupcakes too :)

Table setting

a bit messy because i didn't cut it properley :(

My happy girl

with friends 

Happy 6th birthday my darling, you growing so fast!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bolu Gulung (Roll Cake)

This winter has been sooo cold... I did my flu shot but seems like doesn't help much as I got sore throat and flu twice already!

When the day so cold and gloomy, I just stay at home with my daughter this school holiday, baking cakes or cookies, making organic juice or smoothies or just snugling together :) oh and spending some time in my sewing room making things for sale or for my darling girl :)

This roll cake was very yummy and I've been craving for a while.. I know this will make me fat haha. They high in colesterol as I put 6 eggs in it.

I need to payback when the school holiday finish (my excuse), been so lazy with my exercise..

Anyway I will start my school as well and that will include some exercise haha...

For now enjoy this picture and have a great weekend guys...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Agry Bird cake for Alaric

So far I've been making 3 sets of angry bird cake, and this is the second one.. I forgot to take a picture of my first angry bird cake because I was so busy preparing anything else for the party as I'm the EO too haha... It is really fun making those small angry bird figurine and I never get bored making them over and over again!

 My dear friend Jehan order this for her oldest son Alaric and because she knew that her younger son will be jealous and his birthday also coming up soon, she already ordered for her younger one a month ahead too. Happy Birthday Alaric.

This cake I made along with another cake (Princess Castle.. coming up soon) and held in the same place of our friends Ajeng and it is actually a day after that dinosaurs cake I made earlier.

Unfortunately once more I haven't got time to take the picture at home as we have to go straight to the party, this time I also bring the cake separately from the angry bird figurine in case they  fall everywhere.
Happy Easter everyone!

angry bird

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Timmy Sandwich Bento

If you have a young kids you probably know who "Timmy" is. But if you don't, let me tell you a little bit about him... Timmy is a cute cartoon lamb in the show called "Timmy time". My daughter used to watch it every night. And this bento actually made last year when she was at kindergarten ツ

I couldn't keep up with bento lunchbox anymore because it's really time consuming and very messy job for me  as an amateur, also with lots of left over bits and pieces of food. This was a sandwich and "timmy" made from cheese and nori sheet.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinosaurs Cake

This cake I made for my friend's son, I got inspired from Debbie Brown to make cute dinosaurs instead of the fierce one.

It was a very hot day and I knew I should have make the neck at least 2 days before to support the head so it will be strong, so as I was expected the neck was a little bit broken because it cannot support the head plus the heat make worse, also the hat's streamer is all broken because of the box was moving a lot during the travel.

When I got there I quickly request some dowels to give more support and patch some broken part and putting the cake on the colder room which is her main bedroom with the AC on full :)

I never make half round cake before (for the body) and I didn't have any round bowl, so I just made an experiment using my medium mixing bowl and it worked! from what I read from someone's blog (uhh.. forgot to bookmark it) she said to put the flower nail in the middle of the bowl, so that the heat is even and the cake will cooked trough and yes it is really working, it isn't really round (a bit flat) like I wanted and I am a bit worried it will look like a turtle but it's actually ok and still looks like a cute dinosaurs. Lucky me..

Unfortunately I was in a hurry to take a proper picture at home, so I took it when they nearly cut the cake with the head getting down... and I didn't take enough picture to show the whole body and tail/ Oh well at least it wasn't so bad :)



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barbie Cake for my Daughter's 5th Birthday

I've been busy with my old hobby now.. cake decorating.  Some days I feel like doing crafting but this days I love my cake decorating. I am still cooking dinner everyday and yes Indonesian food are still my favorite! apart from easy western meal :)

My Daughter is going to school this year, but I prefer not to make bento everyday like I used to when she was at kindergarten. I was thinking that if I make her bento I have to wake up very early in the morning and by the time she have it at lunch time, it will be spoil because she have to keep it for nearly 5 hours. I don't know... maybe I'm getting fussy. The idea that says you should always refrigerate your food (isn't it hard when there is no microwave to heat it up?) is really bugger me! and even with the sandwich they suggested to put ice pack on it to keep it cold.. In this case I always use frozen yoghurt to keep it cool and by the time she's ready to eat, her sandwich is nice and cool plus the yoghurt is already defrosted and ready to eat, but I would't worry too much on winter.

Anyway.. about this cake. I have this Wilton barbie dress tin for a long time and never really use it (what a shame hehe..) so I decided to make her barbie cake for the first time... I'm quite amaze because it wasn't long process for me to decorated this cake, hmmm.. lots of cutting and sticking fondant to the cake, I just love the result... Enjoy the pictures :)