Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinosaurs Cake

This cake I made for my friend's son, I got inspired from Debbie Brown to make cute dinosaurs instead of the fierce one.

It was a very hot day and I knew I should have make the neck at least 2 days before to support the head so it will be strong, so as I was expected the neck was a little bit broken because it cannot support the head plus the heat make worse, also the hat's streamer is all broken because of the box was moving a lot during the travel.

When I got there I quickly request some dowels to give more support and patch some broken part and putting the cake on the colder room which is her main bedroom with the AC on full :)

I never make half round cake before (for the body) and I didn't have any round bowl, so I just made an experiment using my medium mixing bowl and it worked! from what I read from someone's blog (uhh.. forgot to bookmark it) she said to put the flower nail in the middle of the bowl, so that the heat is even and the cake will cooked trough and yes it is really working, it isn't really round (a bit flat) like I wanted and I am a bit worried it will look like a turtle but it's actually ok and still looks like a cute dinosaurs. Lucky me..

Unfortunately I was in a hurry to take a proper picture at home, so I took it when they nearly cut the cake with the head getting down... and I didn't take enough picture to show the whole body and tail/ Oh well at least it wasn't so bad :)



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