Friday, April 6, 2012

Agry Bird cake for Alaric

So far I've been making 3 sets of angry bird cake, and this is the second one.. I forgot to take a picture of my first angry bird cake because I was so busy preparing anything else for the party as I'm the EO too haha... It is really fun making those small angry bird figurine and I never get bored making them over and over again!

 My dear friend Jehan order this for her oldest son Alaric and because she knew that her younger son will be jealous and his birthday also coming up soon, she already ordered for her younger one a month ahead too. Happy Birthday Alaric.

This cake I made along with another cake (Princess Castle.. coming up soon) and held in the same place of our friends Ajeng and it is actually a day after that dinosaurs cake I made earlier.

Unfortunately once more I haven't got time to take the picture at home as we have to go straight to the party, this time I also bring the cake separately from the angry bird figurine in case they  fall everywhere.
Happy Easter everyone!

angry bird

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