Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just for fun cupcakes

Seems like a long time i didn't make any cupcakes, yesterday i made this very simple decorated cupcakes, with my homemade blossom flower, and some green sugar sprinkle just for fun. I also tried the glace icing for the first time (reminds me to crispy cream donuts topping ^_^) , anyway I'm happy the result and easy to make.

Ellyn had 1 of cupcake but with no topping for her, its too sweet for her, i know she want more, but 1 is more than enough for her, i don't want her to eat too much sweet on her young age. Although her teeth is only 6 + 2 coming soon, but she's really good at munching...

By the way, because she started to walk most of the time now, which makes me thrilled, let's say this cupcakes is for celebration of her being walker girl. Happy walking Ellyn!!.

As usual for the recipe click here

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