Thursday, October 16, 2008

Telur pindang // Marble boiled eggs

telur pindang

I don't really know hot to call it in English language, this marble pattern i got from small brown onion skins (bawang merah :IND) and some salam leave (Indonesian of bay leave), another recipe is using some guava leave or teak leave.
Javanese people usualy added this egg as a side this on their traditional dish.

I already satisfied with my result only using a simple ingredients, i will never find guava leave here :) . So if you want to try making this, just boil the water (about 1500ml), 4 eggs and 1/2 cup small brown onion skins together for half an hour, then crack the eggs using the spoons, then boil again for about an hour, cooled, peeled. Isn't it wonderful and unique pattern?


sefa firdaus said...

aku contek ya Ti, makasih banyak

Ti said...

Sefa: Iya Mba dicoba aja.