Friday, October 10, 2008

Nasi & Gudeg Jogya // Rice & Sweet Jackfruit casserole


Another very famous dish, originally from Yogyakarta- Indonesia, Sweet and very tender dish, made from young jack fruit, need a long hours to cook them, but the result is satisfying. As Indonesian, I'm trying to share and Introduced Indonesian food to Australian, i don't know why our food is not as famous as Thai food or Chinese food.

We have so many traditional food that will tickle your tongue, each island have a unique style, but they all yummy food. My Mom came from west Java and My Dad from Central Java, and they have the opposite taste of food, but i like both style (actually i like all kind of food from my country!!).

I feel lucky to live in Australia, but i missed my country a lot :( so i try to cook variety of Indonesian food at least 2- 3 times a week. Since i lived here, i knew a lot more food variety from another country like Indian, Thailand, Italian, Greek, Mexican etc, and i like all of them! LOL.

The jack fruit i used on this dish is from the can, i don't know where to find the fresh one, but never mind, they taste as good, i tried to make it convenient for my self by substitute similar ingredients sometimes.


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Anonymous said...

Informasi Resep Masakan Indonesia.

Unknown said...

duh pengen gudeg-nya jeng

Ti said...

mindy: Sekali coba pasti ketagihan Jeng :)