Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gift cake

simple kado

I made this cake special for my hubby's colleague, our present for his new house :) .

I that week i was thinking about making this cake decorating, using dummy cake.. until on Saturday night, my hubby said we had an invitation for tea party for Sunday afternoon on his colleague's new house, we met once before and he had very nice family.

A short notice for us, and we didn't have time to buy anything for gift, so i decided to bake the chocolate sponge cake in the morning and decorate them few hours before we go there at 2.30pm. I'm so glad that their like it, and they wonder how did i make the ribbon just like a real one, so i explained a bit to them.

simple kado

From making this cake i learn that i should make the long ribbon the last to prevent them from cracking (except the bow), also make the fondant a bit thicker, so i will be able to smooth the surface on the cake after i apply them on the cake, well i did my fondant decorating using my motto "learning by doing" before i do my proper course :). But I'm so happy with the result, using my own imagination, LOL...


Lia said...

cakep banget Titi andai aja aku bisa hehehhe "ngayal"

Ti said...

Lia: Pasti bisa kalo di coba.. aku juga cuma nyoba2 aja kok.