Friday, January 25, 2008

Gluten free Burger

This burger originally used breadcrumbs, but i think steamed rice is better because no gluten on it, as usual, my daughter like it so much.
She could eat 2 at 1 meal, but i didn't serve it with the bread roll (as original burger). i found this recipe from toddler cooking book. Im actually not familiar with burger, but since i figure it out that my daughter is not fussy eaters, im happy to cook different thing for her, because i know that she's gonna enjoy it, and it makes me smile, best of all, she have healthy food variation, so she's not bored :) She's my good girl!

Gluten free burger

> Combine 500 gr lean mince, 1 beaten egg and 1 cup steamed rice.
> Add 1 grated carrot and 1 grated zucchini.
> Shape into patties or balls with wet hands.
> Cook over high heat on barbecue or in frying pan, about 5-7 minutes each side.
> Test by cutting open to check colour - it must no longer be pink inside.
> Serve with sliced cucumber and tomato.


Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey there Ti, thanks for coming by my blog. This is fun, isn't it? I've met lots of nice people on the blogosphere, as I'm sure you have. Your baby is so CUTE!

Finla said...

Normally i never make burgers at home. Should try them once

SpicyTasty said...

As happy cook said I too never tried Burgers . But it looks like great and an easy recipe. I' ll give it a try soon.

Ti said...

Oh for the love of food: sure is, everyday we had some new friend :)
Happycook: everyone will like this burger for sure.
spicytasty: thanks, yes you should try it.