Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Flower fondant cake

After being so lazy practicing cake decorating, yesterday i push my self to do it, no need to get any material from the shops, i already have all i need, including dummy cake made from Styrofoam ( Not edible, only for display), means i don't have to bake any real cake for this project.

I only try to used fondant once before this, using home made fondant, this time i got ready to use fondant, so pliable, smooth and not sticky on my hand ( so easy to handle). And i got the idea from flickr friends, she's really talented artist, she allow me to copy her idea (but i didn't exactly copy the whole thing), and i just made it using my intuition, because i never did any decorating class.

First i made the flower using flower cutters and small circle, after that brush the Styrofoam with apricot jam, then covered with the fondant, then make the rope for the border, last i attach all the flowers and the dots with apricot jam too. I almost forgot one thing : i use 4 wires with the flower on top for decoration on the cake, to make it looks pretty ^_^. Not much difficulties i found this time, apart from rolling the fondant, need a strong hand.

My next project will be a barbie doll cake, frozen butter cream transfer, and figurine doll. Enjoy and have a nice weekend :)


Anonymous said...

You are so talented. Excellent display. Thanks for sharing.


Ti said...

Radha: Thanks :)