Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Black Forest Birthday cake

In the past 2 years, i always made black forest for my birthday, not only because i mastered how to make them ;P .

I also think it's the easiest and shorter time to make.
There are many Black forest recipe on the internet, but i always use the same recipe since i fond it long time ago.

Apart from my latest birthday, I'm enjoying our new house, it's bigger and feel so homy.. because we used to the unit, which is smaller and only had a tiny concrete backyard. My daughter was so happy when she found out that we'll stay here now.

She couldn't wait to harvest our Apple, Plums and peach :) We just lucky to find this house,it has all the criteria i wanted!

Here some of my BF pictures.

Black forest



Look at my daughter, she's busy tasting each one of the cake :)


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