Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Award

Yay.. this surprise award got my spirit back for blogging :) . I just forgotten to get it from my dearest friend Tata, she was sending me this award last October :O hehe...It's now nearly End of December!.
And she actually telling me to grab this award via FaceBook because i hardly open my blog for a long time to check it :P

I think i won't pass this award until i get back on track again with my blog, until I'm getting an idea who are still active blogging from my friend list.

Once again Ta, for this award, I'm so honoured, even thou I've been lazy to update my blog, but i said i will started to update my blog more often, especially next year, my 3y/o daughter Ellyn will stated her Kindergarten and i will make her Bento lunch/ snack Box for her (i will have a sneak peek on her blog as well, since she's so creative making cute bento).

Keep on blogging Everyone!!
and have a great day.

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