Monday, November 24, 2008

Floral cake

bunga kue

Available here

I've been busy making and preparing cake and figurine lately, it's so fun, i really enjoying doing this now 9that makes me lazy to upload my blog too ^_^), apart from looking after my daughter as a stay home mum.

When i have spare time (which is when my daughter watching her TV program, or having a nap, i grab all my decorating tools and made something, usually some figurine (cake topper) during that time, cos they need to be dry and i can keep them for longer time before applied to the cake.


At the moment, I'm in the middle of doing Teletubbies cake project for my daughter 2Nd birthday, so excited for us!, my daughter like them so much, and knew each one of the character, lucky for me that isn't so difficult (practice makes perfect..!!).

We'll have a bit of party in her playgroup, just hoping that is a nice day, (it was terrible weather lately in Melbourne, feels like winter again, gosh!).

This cake i made 2 weeks ago in 1 day, using minimum tools but still looks pretty isn't it?, the idea is from the essential guide to cake decorating book.


Finla said...

Beautiful. You lust have lots of gadgets to make these flowers etc.
Hope you have nce weather for you lovley daughter b'day.

Ti said...

Happycook: Thanks happy, this one using minimum gadget believe it or not :) just some cutters,toothpicks and small paintbrushes.