Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nasi Liwet Solo


This complete package this originally from Solo - Central Java. Food associated with Surakarta includes Nasi Timlo, Gudeg, Serabi, Intip, Roti Mandarin, and Bakpia Balong.

I need half a day too cook all the side dishes for this food, but at least im satisfied with the result, so yummy and authentic. You need Ayam suwir ungkep // Javanese shredded chicken, Telur pindang // Marble boiled eggs, Telur Areh, Sayur labu siam and
Steamed rice for this dish.


Andri Journal said...

Nasi liwet,pake opor ayam trus dipincuk pake daun pisang..mak nyuss pokoke..Dimakan sambil lesehan trus minumnya teh anget manis..Sangat solo sekali.. =)

Ti said...

Bener Mas, tapi disini daun pisang mahal sekali deh.