Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Cupcakes for Baby Mia

baby topper
Baby topper
mia cupcakes
More cupcakes i made, yay... I'm loving it!! (but this is my first baby topper I've ever made)

This time is for Baby Mia,(Congratulations for Sarah and Peter).

I chose the chocolate cupcakes with ganache, because they are quicker to make and decorate, originally i was planning to make it colourful with fondant to match the baby topper, but i haven't got much time to do it :)

When i made the baby topper 2 days before, i imagine the baby impression on my topper will be crying baby, but it turns out like a surprised baby, ha..ha.. and i made 1 milk bottles, a pair of pink baby shoes, 3 letters , couples of daisies and 2 roses.

The photo session is a bit hectic, Ellyn was in a grumpy mood and fell over the chair and of course she's crying too),so that is effecting me too, I can't really concentrate to what I'm doing, so i apologize if the picture is not really good.

Now, i can hardly wait to make Ellyn Birthday cake and cupcakes!!1 week to go until her b'day...

Mia cuppies


Finla said...

Wish i could make such beutiful cupcakes, they looks so lovely

Lidia Sianturi said...

bootie n bottle-nya lucu ya...

Ti said...

Happycook: Thanks happy, sure you can, if you try :)
Lidia: thanks Mba