Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're Back...!!

Ellyn at Starbucks, Kuta,Bali
Salak Bali

Hello everyone.. we're back at last, i really missed my blogging, because we couldn't get Internet there, well we could but its too complicated, so we decided to live without Internet for nearly 1 month ( only once i check my mail cos one of my friend bring her wireless laptop to my apartment there, thanks dear Anne, we'll miss you and your beautiful daughter..). I also met Widya, Yulia (MaKi) and Febrie.
Apart from that, it was rainy season in Indonesia, even when we went to Bali, what a disaster!!, and my baby got sick too :( but anyway we're glad to be back here in Australia, still hot in end of summer.
I also went to decorating equipment store, with the same friend Anne (toko Mira and Guten braun store, in central Jakarta), other than that? nah.. i gave up because of the traffic everywhere, too many cars and motorcycle guys!!, the story behind this was my baby getting stressed on the way home to the apartment, she's not used to be in in the car with lots of traffic like that and to be held with someone (yes, we got maid there..*blinking eyes*), she used to sit by her self in her car seat here).
Another disaster when we arrived to Melbourne, here is the story...
My husband only stay in Indonesia for about 3 weeks, that means i must come back with my baby and without his help, so i requested an assistant from Singapore airlines, and said that i got 2 check-in luggage, 1 bag for cabin, 1 baby pram, a hand bag and my baby, so they arrange 1 assistance for us.
Everything run smoothly when we arrived in Singapore for transit, they send one assistance to help me bringing my bag, so i just have to push my baby on her pram, and she (assistance) guide me to transfer the terminal by sky train (so I'm not lost), she was with me till i got in to the plane again, (I really appreciated your help, but sorry i forgot your name).
So after about 7 hours on the plane (didn't get enough sleeping, hicks...), we arrived at Melbourne airport, again i asked for an assistance that i requested, but guess what?? no one (the workers there) could or want to help us!!!! (*scratching my head and screaming mode on*). They said they didn't get any request from Singapore airlines, what a big disaster!!, i ask the customer service, they said they can't help too because they busy,i asked the security and they said that wasn't his job, hello.... don't you have sorry feeling for me??? I'm so exhausted, my baby get stressed and started crying, is there anything else worse than this?.
Yes there is... they couldn't find my name on the computer (on the immigration section , when they checked my passport and visa), so they think my visa was fake or something for a moment until the manager come and fix it for a while, not a criminal, look at my innocence face (heh..heh..).
Wanna know how did i survive from the airport?. I ask one of Chinese lady (thank you very much for your help), to get my 2 huge luggage and put on the trolley, but then i got trolley full of luggage, a pram and a baby, how could i carry them?. Oh Gosh... so i think, think...
The result was, i carry my baby on the sling, fold the pram and put my bag on the trolley, so i can push the trolley, carry my my hand bag and my 10kg baby!! (all together is almost twice my weight), they just praise me afterwards instead of help me! they said well done, you did a good job, blah..blah.. and said i must arrange an assistance with SQ (which i did!), and complaint to them, huh... BTW that day also they make the TV program on the airport called "Border Security" on channel 7.

Oh... I'm sorry if this page is not pleasant to read, but that was my experience and i wanna share with everyone, who read this.


Anonymous said...

welcome back, mbak :), oleh2'y mana neh huehehe :p

iya tuh, maka'y Vy ga prnh mo tinggal di JKT, fiuuhhh..

meskipun liburannya ga terlalu sukses, tetap semangat ya,mbak, salam buat si kecil, jgn ampe sakit lagi :)

Widya Puteri said...

welcome back dear... hehehe, aku ikut prihatin baca psotingannya.. untung udah sampe selamat sehat sentosa ya ;) sorry selama di indo gak smepet ngajak jalan2, yang ada malah bikin heboh apart titi ;)

but meet u and ellyn is so nice.. mudah-mudahan next holdiay better ya much buat ellyn, salam biua om mike :)

Finla said...

Welcome back. I was thinking what happend to you as i didn't see new post.
yeah travelling with kids are never easy. Especially if you are alone.
SO you were almost a criminal ;-))))

Ti said...

Sylvi: Tengkyu jeng, boro2 bawa oleh2, wong 1 potong banana breadnya Ellyn disita dibandara, wakakakak....
Widya:thanks, gpp kok, kita juga seneng berheboh-heboh ria.
Happycook: Thank you, its true not easy because i never have experience like that before.

Mama Krucils said...

aahh akhirnya balik juga loe .. duhh elyn kok pake acara sakit segala sih .. kangen ya ama tante? hihi ... ** ..
Ti, jgn kapok pulang indo ya .. hehehhe ..

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

when things go wrong, it really goes wrong..Murphy's Law, they say. However alls well that ends well, isnt it ! Greetings to you from Botswana and welcome back to blogging. Loved your site.

Indonesia Eats said...

WB... disini masih dingin enaknya yg masih summer

Ti said...

Febrie: Tau nih anak jadi sakit, mungkin adaptasi lagi sama environment atau kangen kali sama tante Feb, hehehe..
Anamika:Thanks, love to visit u'r blog too, amazing creation
Pepy: Panas-nya pol disini jeng, sampe 40 derajat! mending winter ah..


Ti, welcome back! So sorry to hear that you had unpleasant experience back here and while at the airport. I could imagine how frustrated you were holding everything by yourself..but you're a tough mommy!I salute you for that.. btw Ti, memang Traffic Jam di Jkt smakin parah..tapi jangan kapok ya Ellyn :D.. Oh ya I Looovveee Salak Bali!!!

Ti said...

Mamapindi: Thanks ya buat pujiannya ^_^ agak kapok dikit sama kemacetan jkt, hihihi.

A. Ann said...

Iya banget, diperjalanan jauh bawa anak, sendiri pulak..duh kebayang sukur dah dirumah dgn selamat yaa..

*komen ga penting, telat bangett hehehe*

Ti said...

Andrie anne: iya Mba, ngak lagi2 deh, aku kapok.. hehe
Gpp kok telat, kan bagi pengalaman.