Monday, December 20, 2010

Bolu kukus pelangi (Bolu kukus ketawa)// Mini steamed rainbow cake

Uggghh.. I finally updated my blog again after a while. Been meaning to do that but always have many things to do. It’s weird weather going on here in Melbourne. It’s already December and summer supposedly here but what happen is very wet and cold days :(. Well I know we needed rain here.
 I guess I just have to be patient until the weather get warmer so I can plan something to do outdoor with my daughter this school holiday.  Can hardly wait..!!.

Anyhow... about this mini cake. I made it many times in the past and it’s one of my signature Indonesian dessert to bring  If I invited by friends to their place or party as well as at my place. It’s quit light and moist. Believe it or not there is no butter or margarine needed for this recipe so no need to feel guilty eating more than 2 :). Because of the shape of the cake (rising and crack in the middle) we often call them laughing cake. So If the cake isn’t laughing means failed. I made similar rainbow cake here (no laughing type/ version) and another laughing steam cake with different flavor here.

Many of you probably wondering what Ovalett/ TBM  is. Ovalett (or Ovalette) is a cake stabiliser/emulsifier used predominantly in the baking of sponge cakes or steam cakes. It gives the cakes a super fine texture. It is used to aid the beating process of egg yolks or egg whites to ensure its stiffness holds. It helps the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly and also to remain stable therefore ensuring that eggs do not lose their voluminous texture. Ovalett ensures quick whipping properties and provides a remarkably stable batter that may be left unbaked for some hours. Ovalett produces a perfect sponge that is not too fragile, while providing excellent flavour and fresh keeping qualities.(source =

With the mould in the background

Many Indonesian cake / snack using this emulsifier. Nowadays You can find it quite easy  in Indonesian supermarket here in Melbourne. As well as the special mould for this particular steam cake. So don’t be afraid to try and make this cake ok?.  And email me if you have any questions.
One more tips from me is that you have to wrap the steamer’s lid with the cloth so that the hot water droplets from the steam is not dripping to the cake that can cause the cake wet and not” laughing”.


Bolu kukus pelangi (Bolu kukus ketawa)// Mini steamed rainbow cake


* 2 eggs
* 200 g caster sugar
* 2 tsp TBM/ Ovalett/ SP (emulsfier)
* 275 g plain flour
* pinch of salt
* 200 ml soda water (lemonade)
* Pandan paste, strawberry flavored paste ( or using food colouring is fine)

  1. In a large bowl, beat eggs, sugar, eand mulsifier  with electric beater,  until white and fluffy.
  2. Mix the flour & salt, into the eggs mixture little bit at a time,whisk it gently.
  3. Pour in the soda water, whisk again.
  4. Divide the batter among 3 bowl, add the pink colour and green colour each bowl and leave the rest without any colour.
  5. Preheat the steamer, cover the lid with a towel/ cloth.
  6. Put the cupcake paper on the mould. ( I used cut baking paper)
  7. Spoon pink, green and white on the covered mould, steam for 10- 15 minute.
Btw I also bring this cake to my daughter Kinder party with mostly Australian Mums and they amazed how beautiful (and tasty too!) this cake is :). They can't imagine how did i do it cos they never seen any cake like this before and looks unusual for the cake isn't it?? . ahh... so proud of my Indonesian food!.
Happy Holiday Everyone!!


Lidia Sianturi said...

cantik Ti..kalau dsini susah cari ovalet...aku mesti pesan dr Vancouver..hehe

Ti said...

Thanks Mba Lidia, disini juga kalo lagi ada aku langsung ngeborong :)

Ean said...

Hi I have just moved from malaysia to Melbourne doncaster east. Where can I find ovalette?...pls advise

Ti said...

Hi Ean, U can find it in Indonesian supermarket, there is one in Clayton called Mix or mt Waverley called Alfamart.

Patyskitchen - Exploring Global Flavor Around The World said...

Hey I just tried...looks fantastic and my kids love it so much..thanks for sharing

Ti said...

I'm glad your kids like it :)

rahel said...

Mat malam Ti,pa khabar? cantik skali bolu pelanginya.Aku dah coba..jadinya mekar semua..trima kasih ya buat resepnya,kapan2 mampir aja ke blog gue..bisa bikin kue bareng..

Ti said...

your welcome :)