Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nasi goreng sereh plus bakso // Lemongrass fried rice with meatball

Whoa... deadline again for "masak bareng" (cooking together), i missed last month event due to my tight schedule ;P so i tried to catch up with this month theme fried rice. So far this is the only event that i follow regulary, apart from another new one call "NCC" and click event.

As Indonesian, i love fried rice and we have many different kind of fried rice or "Nasi Goreng". This is the most famous Indonesian dish so far, along with "Rendang, gado-gado and sate".

I made this for our lunch on Sunday, the original recipe is not contain meatball, but i always need some meat on my meal. Photo session only took me about 5 minutes, with crying toddler on the background :( yess it's very limited time and i hate it cos i don't do it properly.


recipe source: Nadrah shahab revised by Ti

Nasi goreng sereh plus bakso // Lemongrass fried rice with meatball

Bahan:// Ingredients

2 cups Nasi Putih // cooked rice
1 Wortel, iris tipis // Carrot, cut into matchstick
50 g Buncis muda, iris // green beans, cut into matchstick
100 g Bakso sapi, iris tipis // beef meatball, sliced


1 Bawang Bombay, iris kasar // Onion, sliced
2 Bawang Putih, cacang halus // clove garlic, chopped
2 Serai, iris tipis // lemongrass, sliced
3 Daun jeruk purut, buang batang tengahnya, iris tipis // Lime leave, discard the middle part, sliced
Jahe,iris tipis // ginger, sliced
2 Cabe merah, iris halus // red chillies, sliced
Garam, Gula secukupnya // salt and sugar to season
1 tbsp Minyak untuk menumis // 1 tbsp oil

CaraMembuat: // Method

- Matangkan semua sayuran terlebih dahulu , lalu sisihkan.// Saute or cook carrot and green beans, set aside.
- Tumis semua bumbu, dan bakso lalu campur dengan nasi seperti bikin nasi goreng biasa. // Heat Oil, saute all the herbs, add meatballs, then add rice, mix well and cook for 5 minutes.
- Setelah rata dengan bumbu, lalu masukkan semua sayuran dan aduk hingga rata dan beri garam & gula. // Add cooked vegetabes, mix well again and cook for 15-20 minutes, season with salt and sugar.
- Sajikan. // Serve hot.

sayuran dapat di ganti sesuai selera, seperti brokoli atau lainnya sesuai selera.


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