Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beyond Detox Juice

I started juicing last year and really got the result just like I want stronger hair, less headache, stronger immune system, normal skin, which usually very dry etc. And then I got very busy (or lazy??) for a couple of months trying to juggle between study,housework, family and have so limited time spending in the kitchen, especially for juicing.

 I physically active (because I was study to become fitness instructor) but my nutrition was suck especially with fruits and vegetable which I'm so lazy to eat them during the day. So I started to get my old symptom of hair fall, headache etc. I wasn't happy with my self again until I told myself to start my juice habit and , so here I am trying hard to keep consistent making my life balance again with healthier eating and regular exercising :)

The juice I made mostly from the book from Jason Vale (the Juice Master) . Always taste yummy!

Remember, never put banana or avocado in the juicer, put in the blender instead with the juice. Enjoy!

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