Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tempe Mendoan

Melbourne weather today is reaching 37degrees, I am planning to just staying home and invite some friends over and have some lunch together.

 It was much cooler this morning so I prepared all my ingredients early morning and started cooking quite early too. There is nothing special on the menu, but we love them because i didn't cook this as often as before. This recipe I got from my dad and we usually fried them only to get the batter to set.
 It is very yummy to eat this tempe with warm rice and sambal.

All you need is tempe/tempeh...cut into medium thin rectangle, some plain flour, sliced spring onion, a dash of salt/ chicken powder, coriander and crushed garlic, pour in some water and mix them all until you get fairly thick batter then deep fried them with coconut oil/ canola oil / sunflower oil (leave the tempe until last to the mixture if you prefer and don't forget to taste your batter!).

Honestly I never measure how much the quantity of each ingredients,I trust my gut feeling and voila yummy tempe mendoan/ tempe goreng :) Enjoy...

Ps: I cooked 2 more dishes and I will upload soon :)


Cindy said...

Yum, I love tempeh! All the better if it's fried. ;-)

Ti said...

Indeed Cindy.. thanks for visiting my blog :)