Friday, January 25, 2013

Oseng Cumi

Here is another simple yet divine food for Indonesian :) It is so hard to get this particular salted squid, they (one of Indonesian supermarket here) only have them once in a while.

I cooked all of my squid from the freezer (thawed first of course), because I was planning to clean the whole fridge and freezer :) I just hope that my fridge will last more longer as we had our food not as cold (and not frozen) last week. My husband said he had them for 30 years! older than me obviously haha... It is that Kelvinator brand, the best brand and tougher in its years, they don't produce anymore now.

I only put sliced shallot, small red onion, lots of green and red chillies and sautee them in a little oil then add small amount of water to cook the squid until dry out again, no salt need it though :) It is optional to cut the squid into small pieces or no, and i usually add slice of galangal and salam leave to give a good fragrance.

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