Thursday, July 14, 2011

Barbie Mermaid

Helloo....time to catch up again with my blog.. since I joined Indonesian  food blogger and promised to post some update. Here I am just found my daughter's 4th birthday cake from last November (hehe..)

IMG_1127IMG_1121_1 IMG_1132_1IMG_1119_1
She wanted a mermaid theme cake, so I came up with this cake after browsing on flickr... because I baked the cake a day before, on the actual day only take me a bit quick to decorate :) We didn't have a big celebrations that time but I did invited some close friends for tea time, and bring one cake to her kinder for her friends and teacher . And  i actually made 2 cakes but only one topper so by the time I finished with one cake I just use the same topper for another cake :P

She actually moved her kinder to the new one because we moved house, so this is really good to remind her about her 3 y/o kinder friends and teacher.
And for her kinder she also wore the cutie dress I made.IMG_1143_1IMG_1152_1

With some handmade pouch for the lollybag I really satisfied with my daughter birthday this time :)
IMG_1099_1IMG_1102_1 best of all
When her Daddy coming home from work she was so surprise because she got a bike that she wanted...


SpicyTasty said...

That's a wonderfully decorated cake. Hope u had a good time.

Ti said...

Thanks :) we had a great time there :)