Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Es Pisang Ijo // Green wrapped banana on Ice

I remember exactly when was the last time I made this dessert. Back in 2001 at my kitchen school with my classroom mate "Theresia". We were always in the same group for our cooking class and mostly cook traditional Indonesian food apart from another pastry class that we learnt about various pastries from around the world  and cake decorating.This dessert however very refreshing for tropical country like Indonesia or summer in western country. For mostly Indonesian food or dessert the more effort your doing the more better it taste.

It has been confusing weather here in Melbourne with some heavy rain and cold or very sunny hot days sometimes. I was planned to make this dessert last week because I thought it will be as hot as the past week and I was wrong. Because I already bought all the ingredients I needed  I just carried on making it yesterday when the weather is cold :(

I have to hiding it from my daughter because somehow she got cough and runny nose again. I knew she would love this dessert as much as I do.Well maybe next time baby :)

I only make half of the recipe and Got the recipe from Indonesian online magazine called Femina


Es Pisang Ijo

Bahan // Ingredients:

* 175 g tepung beras, ayak // 175g Rice flour, shifted
* 1/2 sdt garam // 1/2 tsp salt
* 300 ml air // 300 ml water
* 100 ml air daun suji // Omit
* 1/2 tetes pewarna hijau // 1/2 stp pandan paste (green colouring)
* 50 g tepung sagu // 50g g arrowroot flour
* 6 buah pisang raja matang // 6 lady finger banana

Bubur: // for the porridge Ingredients:

* 800 ml santan dari 1 butir kelapa parut // 800ml coconut milk
* 50 g tepung beras // 50g rice flour
* 75 g gula pasir // 75g caster sugar
* 1 lembar daun pandan, simpulkan // 1 pandan leave, make a knot
* 1/4 sdt garam // 1/4 sdt salt

Pelengkap: // Condiment

* Es Serut // Ice
* 100 ml sirop cocopandan, siap pakai //100 ml red cocopandan syrup ~ i use rose syrup
* 100 ml susu kental manis // 100 ml sweetened condensed milk

Cara membuat: // Method:

  • Campurkan tepung beras, garam, air, air daun suji, dan pewarna hijau, aduk rata. Jerang di atas api kecil hingga mendidih sambil aduk-aduk agar adonan tidak berbutir. Angkat. // Mix together rice flour, salt, water and green colouring, mix well . Simmer and whisk it until thicken, set aside to cool.
  • Masukkan tepung sagu sedikit demi sedikit sambil aduk-aduk hingga kalis. Bagi adonan menjadi 6 bagian. Bulatkan dan tipiskan hingga 1/2 cm. // Then add arrowroot flour and knead until smooth (dough), devide into 6 dough, roll about 1/2 cm thick.
  • Balut setiap pisang dengan adonan tepung beras hingga semua bagian tertutup rata.// Wrap each banana.
  • Rebus pisang dalam air mendidih hingga mengapung dan adonan matang. Angkat. Tiriskan. Sisihkan. // Boil wrapped banana until floating, drain and set aside, meanwhile make the porridge.
  • Bubur: Campurkan santan, tepung beras, gula pasir, daun pandan dan garam, aduk rata. Jerang di atas api sedang sambil aduk-aduk hingga kental. Angkat. // for the porridge : Mix coconut milk, rice flour, pandan leave and salt, simmer until thicken, set aside to cool.
  • Penyajian: Potong-potong pisang ijo. Letakkan di atas piring saji. Tuangkan bubur. Tambahkan es serut, sirop, dan susu kental manis.// Last step to serve (on the big bowl or plate)  is cut the banana, add porridge, ice and drizzle with syrup and sweetened condense milk.
  • Yummy!
Untuk 6 porsi // To serve 6


Hannah said...

This looks so beautiful, and I've never had a dessert like it before! I'm also suffering from a cold... maybe I should email my mum this page so she can make it for me when I'm better ;)

Ti said...

Get well soon Hannah. you'll love this dessert when you try it :)

Lidia Sianturi said...

slurrppp...Ti, ada teman yg nanya resep cheese cake brownies yg dulu aku minta itu, yg ada d blogmu ini, boleh aku kasi link-nya ya?

Ti said...

ok Mba.