Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Laksa (Johor style)


I believe this is Malaysian dish as Johor is the third largest states in Peninsular Malaysia. got the recipe from my Indonesian magazine without saying where the recipe originally come from and I'm not really familiar with Malaysian dish.

Anyhow.. you can always substitute salmon with any fillet fish you like and adjust the chili amount. My suggestion is to use fresh chili or mixed between dry and fresh ones.
What a perfect dish for cold winter like this, warm up your body straight away from the hot and spicy combinations. However If you don't like chili at all i guess the taste will still be good. So don't be afraid to try :)

Delicious dish always need more effort to make but they are worthed. My trick is to always make more paste and freeze some of them, especially if you only cook for one or two peoples . So next time You feel like this dish again it will be ready in minutes :)


Here is the recipe originally called Laksa ala Johor (Seni Memasak Kartini- Hidangan Mi yang menggoda selera)

Laksa (Johor style) - Serve 4


* 250 g Angel hair pasta cook until al dente (until cook trough according package)
* 150 g beansprouts
* 175 cucumber, cut into 4 then sliced
* 20 lemon basil ( i skip this)
* 4 tbsp cooking oil
* 2 lemongrass, bruised
* 30 g onion, chopped
* 4 tbsp shredded coconut, dry roasting until brown, grind.
* 800 ml coconut milk
* 200 g fillet salmon, diced

Grind Ingredients (make paste):

* 8 shallot ( small brown onion)
* 4 garlic
* 7 dried chili, soak into warm water
* 2 cm turmeric
* 2 cm ginger
* 1 cm galangal
* 2 tbsp coriander seed (dry roasted)
* 1 tsp cumin (dry roasted)
* 2 tsp whole pepper (dry roasted)
* 1/2 tsp dry roasted shrimp paste (terasi/ belacan)

1. Heat oil in the pan, sautee paste (grind ingredients), lemongrass and onion until fragrance.
2. Add browned grind coconut, mixed well.
3. Add coconut milk, simmer until boiling and thicken, add salmon fillet continue simmer until salmon is cooked.
4. Arrange cooked angel pasta, add salmon , beansprouts, lemon basil and cucumber. Serve warm.



SpicyTasty said...

Wow!!!! this dish sounds interesting must be delicious. Inviting and yummy recipe.

Owenzhang said...

Lookd very delicious...I will try to make this next week,thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Hey nice blog & photos! I've always wanted a Johor Laksa but they are hard to find in Australia. Anyway I'm putting together the Ultimate laksa guide and I'd love for you to put this recipe up on it if you wanted to. You can add and check it out here. Cheers.

Ti said...

@Spicy tasty: thanks, It is yummy :)
@Owenzhang: No worries :)
@Paul: sure i will :)